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“A prickly and memorable protagonist fights to protect her family from wily merfolk in this promising debut contemporary fantasy.”

“You know what’s great about Rigney’s horror-ific (that’s horror-filled and terrific), hysterical debut novel? Besides the bloodthirsty merfolk, our antihero protagonist is an overweight, drunk, subpar mother, who also happens to be a funeral director. I can’t even describe the premise of this book without getting giddy, because how many times does a plot involve both vicious mermaids and Rhode Island colonists?”
— Nicole Hill, Barnes & Noble Book Blog

“Rigney has struck gold with her first novel. It’s humorous — hysterical at times — descriptive and has a nice flow to it.”
— Bobby Forrand, Motif Magazine

“WAKING THE MERROW is a horrifying, addictive, and intriguing twist on the mermaid legend, and takes the reader on a bone-chilling ride through colonial and current times in Rhode Island. This is a fabulous debut novel by Heather Rigney.
Read it if you dare.”
— Penny Watson, Bestselling Author of APPLES SHOULD BE RED

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